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Only two weeks after Gloss Fuel officially started trading, co-founder Quentin was invited on to the Specky & Paul Talk Detailing Podcast.

Only two weeks after Gloss Fuel officially started trading, co-founder Quentin was invited on to the Specky & Paul Talk Detailing Podcast.

Specky and Paul, two UK based Car Detailing YouTubers, talk about car detailing and car care, catering for all in the community from the complete novice to the experienced weekend warrior. The pair answer questions and talk about hot topics within the community every fortnight.

The hosts invited the Gloss Fuel co-founder to talk about the inception of the new brand, the challenges and hurdles faced as well as the unique position the brand commands within the UK detailing market.

As co-host Specky McSporran explained, “So we had an interesting phone call last week after you sending about 47 different messages telling us of the brand's existence. To be fair, I did say to Paul, of all the messages that we've received and all the companies that we've had correspondence from, yours was one that really stood out to me.”

“It was very comprehensive. It was very straightforward and to the point. It wasn't too much information. It wasn't too little information. And we just thought, you know what, this is really interesting. We have talked to well established brands over the years on the podcast. We've talked to distributors, we've talked to professionals and so on. I have always had it in the back of my mind that I would love to have a brand-new brand to the scene because we don't really understand fully what it takes for this whole inception of a brand, this whole getting started. Where the hell do you start?”

Quentin went on to explain that the original idea for what was to become Gloss Fuel was all down to business partner and co-founder Bert, following a chance meeting with a chemist who worked for an independent chemical company. They got chatting and it turned out both were keen amateur driveway detailers.

The chemist mentioned that he was somewhat underwhelmed with what he could buy in his local big name automotive retailer. So, he thought he'd have a stab at creating something for himself in his own time. Bert got hold of some samples, tried them, thought they were absolutely fantastic. This was the genesis of the Gloss Fuel range.

The hosts then asked: “So what is it about Gloss Fuel that you think is the thing that's going to grab people's attention and might be worth them looking at your products?”

Firstly, we've introduced a range of products in typical 500ml plastic bottles and ours are currently 30% recycled plastic. We hope to transition to fully recycled plastic in the near future. We've also introduced what we call the Refuel Packs, which are one litre refill packs, which use 75% less plastic than traditional plastic bottles and they're still fully recyclable. So we're minimizing single use plastic.

Alongside that, Gloss Fuel products aren’t made by those six or seven companies who make everybody else's products. We've got a chemist working with us to develop these products and they’re not made to a penny pinching price point to maximize profits. They’re made by detailers for detailers, using premium ingredients and full strength formulations. 

Later in the conversation, the hosts mentioned: “I was at Wackstock 2019 and I asked up on stage when there was a bunch of industry professionals up there and I asked, what are we doing when we've got such a plastic pandemic? What are we doing to defeat this?”

They went on to say: “it just surprises me that it takes someone with a fresh approach to the industry to come out with this and just show everyone else that this can be done. And why are you not doing it?

If every other brand in the UK copied Gloss Fuel next week, we'd be delighted in one sense because it would bring about a change in this industry. The latest statistics are that the combined car care, car detailing, car washing, car valeting market in the UK is valued anywhere between 1.2 to 1.7 billion annually, and nobody's doing anything to address the plastic epidemic.

It goes further than just plastic bottles. It's the single-use plastic in the tape to seal the boxes. And how many brands and suppliers send bottles in vacuum-packed plastic bags that have to be thrown away? How many people use single-use plastic void fill in their packaging and include air fresheners and sweets in single use plastic bags.

Towards the end of the interview, the hosts asked: “I want to ask you one more question if I can. If people want to try your brand and you have to recommend let’s just say one product

to whet their appetite, to show them that your products mean business, for example, which of all the products you have would you suggest that they go and pick up?”

Not one to miss an opportunity, Quentin replied: Well, I'd have to give you two answers to this because currently we have launched with two products in the refuel packs. Both of them are great. I love the shampoo. It's super sudsy. It's got a sweet marzipan scent and the foam is super stable. It's really slick. It does a great job. It's gloss enhancing and it's fantastic!

And my second favourite product, with winter not too far off, I think our Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash is amazing. It's non-caustic. It has premium ingredients in it. 50ml of that in your one litre pump sprayer and it'll just blast away the dirt. We did a little short video on my rally car after a rally a couple of weeks ago. And you could clearly see how effective it was.

They’re all great but I think those are two cracking products!

The hosts wrapped up the show with their usual refrain: “I've been Specky, I've been Paul...”

..and I've been that guy from Gloss Fuel!

“Hey! Get in there! I love it! He's a good guy. He's a listener. I love it. Love it. That's it all for now, folks. Take care. We'll catch you in the next episode. Love you. Bye!”

If you’d like to listen to the full Specky & Paul Talk Detailing Podcast episode with Gloss Fuel co-founder Quentin (S3:E18), it’s available free from Spotify and all good Podcast apps.

You can subscribe to the Podcast for free and you can support the guys on Patreon.

Thanks to Specky & Paul for inviting us on. Maybe we can catch up in twelve months time for a one year update?

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