Gloss Fuel are committed to delivering Premium Car Care and Car Detailing products whilst minimising single use plastics. No other detailing brand cares for your car and the environment like Gloss Fuel.

It's nearly impossible, and certainly not financially viable, to completely eliminate plastic in the world of detailing. It is possible for us all to reduce plastic waste and minimise single use plastic, with some simple changes in buying practices. 

We are not producing weak eco chemicals which are manufactured to maximise our profits. Our products are capable of doing a fantastic job without the need of extremely harsh ingredients or strong caustic/acidic blends. 

Plastic Bottles

All of our caps and triggers are fully recyclable. Our trigger sprayers are designed to output a minimum of 5000ml. This means you can refill one of our 500ml bottles ten times, maximising the life of the trigger.

Both our HDPE bottles and PET bottles are made from 30% recycled plastic material and are are fully recyclable plastic bottles. We encourage all of our customers to keep the bottles and simply refill them using a Gloss Fuel Refill Pack.

Our 5 Litre HDPE Containers are made from 100% PCR (Post Consumer Regrind) but are still 100% recyclable. The colour of the Jerry Cans varies from batch to batch, due to the differing quantities of different coloured plastics used in their production – more dark plastics = darker grey containers, more light coloured plastics = lighter grey containers.

Refuel Packs

Gloss Fuel Refuel Packs are our way of helping to reduce the amount of single use plastic and plastic waste in the Car Detailing scene. 

2x 500ml bottles + 2x caps: 78g 'vs' 1x refuel pack: 19g =
59g/75% reduction in single use plastic waste!

2x 500ml bottles + 2x caps + 2x triggers: 118g 'vs' 1x refuel pack: 19g =
99g/84% reduction in single use plastic waste!

Our Refuel Packs are 100% recyclable (recycle code 7). You may/may not be able to recycle these via your household kerbside collection - please check with your local waste collection contractor. Refuel Packs can be recycled at any Terracycle collection point. Please empty the Refuel Pack, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before recycling.

If you cannot find a suitable recycling option close to where you live, please return your empty Gloss Fuel Refuel Packs to us and we'll ensure that they are fully recycled. 

Our Outer Packaging

Our outer packaging is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. We use no single use plastics or eco-plastics - just paper and card.

Our single wall cardboard boxes are manufactured with 100% recycled paper and can be completely recycled (or re-used). 

  • Manufactured from 100% recycled paper
  • Boxes are 100% recyclable or can be re-used
  • Manufactured in the UK 

Our kraft paper brown packaging tape is an eco-friendly packaging solution. As the world has a growing problem with single use plastic consumption and micro plastics, we have decided to make a more sustainable choice. Paper tape is eco-friendly and fully recyclable, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and minimise plastic waste. 

  • An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tape 
  • Fully recyclable with lower carbon footprint 
  • Brown Kraft paper backing with solvent (natural rubber) adhesive 

Our box filler/packing material is made made from unprinted newspapers and is extremely sustainable, being easily recycled. 

  • 100% recycled unprinted newspaper made from 48 gsm paper 
  • 100% recyclable, sustainable product

Powering Gloss Fuel

Gloss Fuel Limited is powered by 100% renewable energy. The majority of the energy powering our operation is self generated via solar panels, any shortfall is made up from power supplied by a green energy provider.


We offer 100% Carbon Neutral Shipping on all orders. Gloss Fuel have partnered with Shopify Planet to help fund projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere.

For every order made, the Shopify Planet scheme provides funds to innovative new startups aiming to develop scalable solutions to the climate crisis.

This is another step towards our goal of net-zero, reducing waste and minimising our impacts on the environment in every way that we can.

Our Commitment

We're not 'Green-Washing', we're serious about reducing our environmental impact and lowering the amount of single use plastic we use. We can all enjoy automotive culture, driving and detailing, whilst being responsible citizens and doing everything we can for our environment.

We're committed to finding more environmentally friendly products, packaging and delivery methods. We can't eliminate plastic from our industry just yet, but we can reduce its use wherever possible and ensure it has a long life or second life when it needs to be used.

Refill, Reuse and Refuel with Gloss Fuel - Fuelling Your Passion.

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