Gloss Fuel Feature in Pro Detailer Magazine

Gloss Fuel Feature in Pro Detailer Magazine

In the car detailing and car care world, the primary publication which everyone looks to for news, reviews, product tests and helpful features is Pro Detailer Magazine.

In the car detailing and car care world, the primary publication which everyone looks to for news, reviews, product tests and helpful features is Pro Detailer Magazine. That’s why we were thrilled when not only did several Gloss Fuel products feature in issue 18, but we were also asked to contribute to their feature article on the subject of 'Green Washing'.

The publication was founded in 2015 and has gone from strength to strength with distributors in the USA, Netherlands, France, Germany, and Ireland. The team are also in discussions to add Australia, Greece, Japan, and India, to this growing list of territories.

Three of our products, namely our Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash, Citrus Wheel & Tyre Cleaner and Conditioning Tyre Serum, were reviewed in the new products section of the magazine, all receiving extremely positive comments.

Pro Detailer Magazine Issue 18 - Gloss Fuel Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash Review

Having only launched in August and being the new kids on the detailing scene, seeing our Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash go toe-to-toe with two established companies is a fantastic validation of the belief we have in our uniquely formulated products.

Pro Detailer Magazine said of our Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash: "Given that Gloss Fuel was significantly more diluted than Mile Deep, the fact it was nearly as good at cleaning is very impressive indeed, and having a lower pH suggests it will be slightly kinder to any LSP, while it also worked out cheaper (60p per wash Gloss Fuel / £2.00 per wash Mile Deep). For a detailing enthusiast who doesn't want to buy 5 litres and needs to save every last penny, this is a flexible and potent option."

When all factors were considered, our Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash really did deliver a knockout punch!

Pro Detailer Magazine - Citrus Wheel & Tyre Cleaner Product Review

Our Citrus Wheel & Tyre Cleaner was tested on various wheels and tyres. The reviewers at Pro Detailer Magazine liked the lime scent, the non-caustic formula which is safe to use on all wheel types, including polished and diamond cut alloy wheels. Their verdict: "We tried it on various wheels and tyres, both with and without agitation, and it did a very good job. Real cleaning power, no sign of damage, and well-presented instructions and safety information."

"A five litre concentrate with a decent bottle to decant into would be nice to offer regular users a bit more value, but in 500ml form it is broadly competitive pricewise. We feel the aforementioned Kamitore edges it on performance, but that's twice the price and can't be used on delicate wheels, so Gloss Fuel have it on value and flexibility."

Pro Detailer Magazine Conditioning Tyre Serum Product Test

The final Gloss Fuel product on test in this issue of the magazine was our Conditioning Tyre Serum (£14.00) which went head-to-head with AutoGlanz TT Serum (£16.95). Pro Detailer Magazine said: "We pitched them side by side and initial results were very similar - both went on easily, though the Autoglanz was perhaps a touch easier to get into the texture of the side-wall. They both added significant darkening effect, but Gloss Fuel added more gloss, both before and after a quick wipe down. Both products can be layered too, though AutoGlanz suggest waiting 30 minutes between layers, which is a long cuppa."

"On these Vredestein tyres it was too close to call a winner - both are good products and without extensive durability testing there is little to distinguish them - but they prove you don't need solvent-based dressings loaded with silicone anymore."

In addition to three great product reviews, we were proud to be asked to contribute a full page to the Green Washing article (pages 82-87), where we shared our expertise on the subject of plastic packaging and sustainability. We helped provide clarity on the different types of plastic used in the industry, evaluating the pros and cons of each.

The article explored ways in which brands and their customers can be more environmentally minded when purchasing and using products to clean their cars. They looked at the chemicals, their composition and concentration, this was followed by the various packaging types and ways this can be more sustainable. The article noted that our Gloss Fuel ReFuel Packs reduce plastic use by 75%, yet are 100% recyclable. Packing materials, boxes, tape and renewable energy were discussed too.

For a new micro-brand, which only launched in August 2023, to feature in the world's leading professional detailing publication, gain rave reviews, AND contribute to an important feature article is a remarkable achievement and a statement of intent. One we aim to build on in 2024.

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