Paul Dolden Details with Gloss Fuel Car Care Products

Paul Dolden Details with Gloss Fuel

When veteran automotive detailing YouTuber Paul Dolden was faced with a 'disaster detail' on a filthy Ford Fiesta, he decided to put the Gloss Fuel range to the test.

Filthy Ford Fiesta Detail

YouTuber Paul Dolden is one of the most recognisable, experienced and well respected detailers and detailing product reviewers in the UK. From his home garage, known to thousands as 'The Prat Cave', Paul has has amassed an audience in excess of twenty three thousand subscribers. His archive of over 275 videos has gained nearly 4 million views.

When Paul was presented with a 54,000 mile Ford Fiesta, in need of a seriously deep clean, he took the opportunity to put the Gloss Fuel range to the test.


To say that this example of the iconic Ford Fiesta was 'filthy' was an understatement. The once white 2016 Fiesta was now green, having been sat on a driveway, underneath some large trees. The paintwork was covered in dirt, algae, lichen and organic growth, and was in desperate need of a detail.

The Ford Fiesta has sold over 22 million examples since 1976 when Ford introduced the supermini to the world. Spanning seven generations, this iconic hatchback finally ceased production in June 2023. With a proud and distinguished motorsport history, the Fiesta clinched the World Rally Championship in 2017 in the hands of eight time World Champion Sébastien Ogier.

With a break in the British weather, Paul had to detail like Ogier drives - fast, efficient and ruthless, in his epic battle with the dirt!

Paul went straight to work on the neglected alloy wheels. Our Citrus Wheel & Tyres Cleaner was sprayed onto the wheels and tyres and allowed to dwell before being agitated with a range of brushes and wheel woolies. The safe, powerful cleaner can be seen lifting and drawing out the dirt from the tyres and easily tackles all but the most deeply embedded iron particles on the wheel faces. Once rinsed, Iron Fallout Remover was applied to dissolve any leftover embedded brake dust. Within seconds the Iron Fallout Remover began to activate and change colour, dissolving the embedded iron particles. And with that, the wheels and tyres were fully cleansed.

Following a lengthy pressure washer rinse, Paul put the Gloss Fuel Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash to work on the filthy Fiesta paintwork. The non-caustic citrus pre-wash was applied using a trigger spray but can also be applied using a pump sprayer. Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash is more than capable of safely removing traffic film, road grime, bug guts and accumulated driving dirt. It's simple to use too - spray on - allow to dwell - rinse off.

In the video, despite Paul giving the filthy Fiesta a very lengthy pressure washer pre-rinse, you can still see the enormous amount of dirt, traffic film and grime that the Gloss Fuel Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash was able to safely remove.

Following the application of our thick, luxurious pH Neutral Snow Foam, this was allowed to dwell for around 10 minutes before being rinsed off. As the Ford Fiesta had been so neglected, Paul then applied our fast acting Iron Fallout Remover to the entire body, in order to complete a thorough chemical decontamination of the bodywork. The safe yet powerful chemical immediately 'lit-up', turning purple whilst dissolving the huge amount of iron particles embedded in the white paintwork.

After another rinse, it was time to move on to the contact was using our Gloss Enhancing Shampoo. YouTuber Paul chose to apply the shampoo via his snow foam lance, to speed up the contact wash process. Using a couple of wash mitts, the filthy Fiesta was starting to come back to showroom condition.

Our versatile Quick Detailer Spray was then employed as a drying aid and traditional QDS - helping to remove water spots and BOOSTING the gloss levels on the iconic Eco-Boost hatchback. Our Premium Glass Cleaner, which has a slightly longer working time, was then used to provide perfect clarity around the car's cabin.

The tyres were treated to a layer of Conditioning Tyre Serum applied with a tyre dressing brush. This product leaves the tyres nourished, protected and looking like new, with a satin, OEM finish once dry.

At the conclusion of the filthy Ford Fiesta disaster detail, what was Paul's expert verdict on the Gloss Fuel products which had helped him rescue this neglected supermini?

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