What Is The Two Bucket Method?

What Is The Two Bucket Method?

The two bucket car wash method helps you to reduce the risk of inflicting any damage, swirls or scratches during the contact wash.
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What is the two bucket method?

Well, the name says it all – you simply use two buckets to wash your car, instead of the traditional single bucket. The two bucket car wash method helps you to reduce the risk of inflicting any damage, swirls or scratches during the contact wash.

When using the the two bucket car wash method, one bucket is filled with car shampoo and water – this is the ‘wash bucket’. The second bucket is filled with clean water – this is the ‘rinse bucket’.

Why use two buckets to wash your car?

The ‘contact wash’ is a mechanical cleaning process. Your wash mitt, loaded with Gloss Fuel car shampoo and water, is in direct contact with your car’s paintwork. The physical action of wiping the wash mitt over the panels removes the dirt.

The wash mitt being in contact with the paint is where the problem arises. Your wash mitt picks up dirt from the panel, then you drag that dirty mitt all over the car. The car gets cleaner but the mitt gets dirtier.

Using the two bucket method helps to reduce the amount of dirt on your wash mitt. It massively reduces the risk of dirt being introduced into your clean wash bucket. The process is designed get the dirt off the car safely and to keep it away from the car once removed.

What do you need for two bucket car cleaning method?

To clean your dirty car tires safely and effectively, we recommend you use the following tools and products:

How do I perform a two bucket car wash?

Firstly, If your car is heavily contaminated with traffic film, dirt and bug guts, you may want to apply a dedicated pre-wash first. Our Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash is a great choice. Allow the citrus pre-wash to dwell for a couple of minutes, then rinse off. If you require a longer dwell time, simply apply a layer of pH Neutral Snow Foam on top.

If your car doesn't require a citrus pre-wash, you may want to apply a thick layer of pH Neutral Snow Foam to the car, allowing it to dwell for a few minutes. Our ph Neutral Snow foam emulsifies and lifts larger dirt particles, allowing gravity to slowly pull the dirt and foam off the car safely. Rinse off any remaining snow foam using your pressure washer.

Dunk your microfibre wash mitt into the wash bucket. Starting at the top of the vehicle, gently wash one panel at a time. Where possible, use straight lines, front to back, applying minimal pressure. Let the Gloss Enhancing Shampoo, warm water and the weight of the soap laden wash mitt do the work. 

After you’ve washed a single panel, dunk your wash mitt into the rinse bucket which contains clean water. Agitate the wash mitt in the water to help remove any dirt particles trapped in the fibres of the mitt. 

As you withdraw the rinsed wash mitt from the rinse bucket, try to squeeze out as much water as possible. Then, dunk your wash mitt back into the wash bucket, load it with more shampoo solution, then carefully wash the next panel.

After washing the whole vehicle, rinse from top to bottom. Make sure to flush the door shuts, panel gaps, door mirrors, grilles and intricate areas. Ensure that you rinse away all of the car shampoo from the paintwork. 

Finally, dry your car and add some protection. Our Gloss Enhancing Drying Aid can speed up the drying process as well as adding gloss. For maximum gloss and added protection, a final spritz with our Quick Detailer Spray makes a huge difference.

Should I use the two bucket method?

If you’re serious about maintaining and protecting your car’s paintwork, then we recommend that you use the two bucket wash method. A good contact wash routine is the most effective way to wash your car. This proven technique helps to prevent swirls and scratches being introduced as you wash your car.

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