Electric Vehicle Man Cleans New EV with Gloss Fuel

Electric Vehicle Man Cleans New EV with Gloss Fuel

When EV expert and YouTuber - The EV Man - needed to clean his recently purchased 2021 SEAT Mii electric car, he chose Gloss Fuel, because the new brand's ethos matches his own eco-credentials.
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Cleaning A Car Easily With Longer Lasting Results

Early in 2023 popular YouTube presenter and EV expert Andy, known to his seventy-six thousand subscribers as the 'EV Man', set himself a challenge - could he buy a two year old electric car for less than £10,000.00?

The answer - spoiler alert - was... no, not quite. Andy went slightly over budget by just two hundred pounds, but he did get himself a fantastic deal on a 2021 SEAT Mii fully electric car.

After driving the car for a few thousand miles, he needed to clean the metallic black Mii EV. As a former professional detailer, Andy still keeps an eye on the car care industry. When deciding which products to use to clean his £10k bargain EV, he went back to some old industry favourites including G-Techniq and Autoglym. 

However, the EV Man's environmentally friendly instincts were piqued by the new kids on the block - Gloss Fuel. As Andy states in his video "I don't don't know why this has never been a thing in the car cleaning industry because refills, they're nothing new but no one else does it!"

He goes on to explain: "For example, once I finish with this [container] from Autoglym, I will throw it in the bin and then get some more. So I'm always getting this container and throwing them away. Whereas with this [Gloss Fuel ReFuel Pack] I'll just refill whatever container I want, then scrunch this down to nothing, it's fully recyclable, and well, there's less waste again!"

In his 20 minute video, the EV Man walks his audience of EV enthusiasts through the step-by-step process of thoroughly cleaning a car, passing on his years of experience as a professional detailer. Andy explains which basic tools and equipment you need to achieve a good result as well as passing on his top tips and tricks of the trade.

If you're considering switching to a new electric vehicle, or are looking for a nearly new, pre-owned EV bargain, them check out some of Andy's 400+ other EV videos. Andy also has a second channel, Driving Ohm - EVM, a podcast and also discusses and documents household Heat Pumps, Solar Panel Systems and other Battery Tech to help you lower your carbon footprint.

Watch The EV Man's Guide on How To Clean A Car Easily With Longer Lasting Results!

You can watch Andy's helpful video featuring the Gloss Fuel products on YouTube.

Find out more about the EV Man and be sure to subscribe to his channel for more fair, honest and real world electric vehicle reviews.

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