Gloss Fuel Transforms Škoda With First Wash In 12 Years!

Gloss Fuel Transforms Škoda With First Wash In 12 Years!

When YouTuber 'The Hairy Housewife' acquired a Škoda Fabia which hadn't been washed in 12 years, he put the Gloss Fuel range straight to work.
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First Wash In 12 Years!

Darren, AKA The Hairy Housewife, has been described as the Timmy Mallet of the detailing world and an excitable puppy. To us, Darren is a detailing enthusiast, with immense passion and creativity when it comes to making content for YouTube and Instagram.

There's no science waffle, no nonsense, just un-biased product reviews and how-to guides, helping those in the detailing community to find great products, avoid getting ripped off and save money.

So when Darren acquired a Škoda Fabia which hadn't been washed in twelve years, he decided to put the Gloss Fuel range straight to the test. Needless to say, our products were more than a match for the tired paintwork and grubby alloy wheels on the Czech made family hatchback.

Škoda automobiles are sold in over 100 countries and are part of the Volkswagen AG family of brands. Whilst Darren's example of the marque has a few bumper scrapes and parking dings, it is low mileage, mechanically sound and we can't wait to see what he does with it in the future.

The Hairy Housewife began this exterior deep clean by using his pressure washer to rinse the bodywork before applying the Gloss Fuel Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash to the car. The powerful, non-caustic Citrus Pre-Wash was applied via a pump sprayer which is the most effective application method. After allowing the product to dwell for a few minutes, the product was rinsed off, taking with it a huge amount of dirt and grime.

The next stage in the pre-wash was the application of the Gloss Fuel pH Neutral Snow Foam straight from the ReFuel Pack. Gloss Fuel ReFuel Packs use 75% less plastic than traditional plastic bottles and are still 100% recyclable. Upon application, Darren commented that the consistency of the snow foam was like "Double Cream" - perfect!

After easily rinsing away the creamy snow foam from the vehicle, Darren moved on to the wheel and tyre cleaning stage. For this he first used the Citrus Wheel & Tyre Cleaner which is safe to use on all wheel types, being non-acidic and non-caustic. Much to Darren's surprise, this one product shifted 99% of the baked on dirt and brake dust from 27,000 miles of motoring!

The Hairy Housewife then followed up with Iron Fallout Remover but the Citrus Wheel & Tyre Cleaner had done ALL of the heavy lifting.

Darren then employed the 'Two Bucket Method' for the contact wash but applied the Gloss Enhancing Shampoo via lance first. He commented that the shampoo in his bucket wasn't very 'foamy' but we put this down to the hard water in his area. As with any concentrate, if you live in a hard water area, use a touch more product to counteract the minerals in the water.

Following the contact wash the banana scented Gloss Enhancing Drying Aid was lance applied in order to BOOST the gloss and aid drying.

With the towel drying complete, Darren spritzed the Gloss Fuel Quick Detailer Spray onto each panel, buffing to a high gloss shine with a short-pile microfibre towel. The glass was cleaned inside and out with the Premium Glass Cleaner.

Finally, the tyres were dressed and conditioned with the Gloss Fuel Conditioning Tyre Serum, returning their appearance to a deep, satin, OEM look.

And with that, the twelve year old, Škoda Fabia which hadn't been washed in 27,000 miles of motoring was clean and shiny on the outside. There's just the interior to tackle but never fear Darren - Gloss Fuel has a range of products which can help with that task too!

Watch The Hairy Housewife's Gloss Fuel Review Video!

You can watch the full review of the Gloss Fuel exterior products on YouTube.

Find out more about The Hairy Housewife and be sure to subscribe to his channel for more awesome detailing product reviews.

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