Brand New Car Detail EXPLODES!

Brand New Car Detail EXPLODES!

In his latest guest blog post for Fuel Stop, Sean Murphy, host of the Trigger Happy Autos YouTube Channel, walks us through detailing a brand new car.
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Brand New Hyundai i10 N Line

If you have already seen the “New Car Detail EXPLODES” video, then thank you for watching, if not then you can watch the video here:

Although the video comes in at around 30 minutes long, it took us a whole lot longer to film and edit. I wanted to give you an idea of how much work goes into these videos and how much fun they can be to produce.

Detailer Fuel + Gloss Fuel

The day began with a cracking cup of strong, freshly ground coffee, as detailers need Detailing Fuel just as cars need Gloss Fuel. Together with Bert and Quentin, co-founders of Gloss Fuel, we formulated a plan of attack for the brand new Hyundai i10 N Line.

The lower half of the vehicle and the wheels were covered in the usual winter road grime, typical for UK roads at this time of year. The rest of the vehicle was in pretty good order, having only covered a few hundred miles, although it was lacking any kind of protection.

We set up our recording equipment and detailing gear and set to work.

As always, we kicked things off with a sweep around the car to show the viewers what we had to contend with. This footage is really important as it allows everyone to see exactly what can be achieved using the correct products and techniques.

Wheel & Tyre Cleaning

We started by cleaning the wheels and demonstrated how I ideally tackle them to get the best result. I favour a blast of the Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash, allowing a few minutes dwell time and rinsing. I then like to go in with the Citrus Wheel & Tyre Cleaner to remove the worst of the heavy soiling.

We then proceeded to clean the other three wheels in different ways, to hopefully offer viewers alternative approaches to get great results. Remember, there is no right or wrong way in detailing, just different ways. It’s all about enjoying the process on your own, or with friends.

Contactless Pre-Wash Process

Once we had completed the wheel cleaning stage, we gave the lower half of the vehicle an even application of Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash at 10 parts water and 1 part product. This starts to break down the traffic film and heavy soiling, allowing us to rinse it away before the next stage. All three of us agree - this is the most important stage in any detail. The footage we captured of the rinse really showed the capability of the Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash and how much dirt, grime and traffic film could be removed in a contactless fashion, prior to the next stage.

pH Neutral Snow Foam Hyundai i10 N Line

Next up, we mixed the pH Neutral Snow Foam in the snow foam cannon at the same 10:1 dilution and applied a blanket of foam. This proved a little tricky as the Nilfisk pressure washer had decided it wasn’t going to play ball. Some weeks later, Quentin discovered the fault - a tiny, perished O-ring, now replaced. Eventually we got the sweet watermelon scented potion applied and allowed five minutes dwell time to soak the minimal amount of remaining dirt.

Luxurious Shampoo Suds

Once rinsed away the car was really starting to gleam, as the winter sunshine poked its head through the clouds. We had some fun filling the shampoo bucket, showing the luxurious Gloss Enhancing Shampoo suds spraying all over the place! We the added a small amount of shampoo into the foam cannon with some fresh clean water.

Applying the shampoo via the foam cannon gives even more lubrication and much more sudsy goodness as well as allowing the amazing marzipan scent to fill your nostrils as you go. Absolute wash heaven!

Myself and Quentin soon got around the car with our wash mitts, rinsing them as we went from panel to panel trying not to miss any areas. Once rinsed away we were all starting to see things take shape. We soon got around the door shuts with our shampoo solution and detail brush, not forgetting the slow motion exhaust cleaning shots.

By this point we had been at it for hours, getting different camera angles and slow motion footage for social media swell as the YouTube video but we didn’t allow ourselves a break. Quentin popped into the kitchen to fetch us all a well earned second cup of strong, ground coffee and we soon got back to detailing the i10 N Line.

Drying and Protection

It was now time to start protecting the paintwork and applying the finishing touches to the exterior. As we used the Gloss Enhancing Drying Aid, diluted into an IK Trigger Bottle, thoughts of Foamy Banana Sweets started entering my head. After I had finished salivating, we rinsed the sweet, fruit scented product away to leave a lovely sheeting behaviour on the brand new Mangrove Green paintwork. This product also gives an extra gloss boost and makes the next clean of the paintwork much easier as is doesn’t allow as much dirt and grime to stick.

We then followed up with a mist and buff of the bubble gum scented Quick Detailer Spray and the vehicle was looking absolutely stunning. The Gloss was Poppin' and we stood back and admired our handy work.

This is what detailing is about. The pride in your work and the results you can get with these super easy to use products. Trust me the neighbours start to take notice and become rather envious of how good your car looks.

We finished the tyres off with the Gloss Fuel Conditioning Tyre Serum which leaves an OEM, satin type finish but also nourishes the rubber as it soaks in. The best bit for me however is how little you need to use to achieve a great finish.

Gloss Fuel Premium Glass Cleaner Hyundai i10 N Line

Lastly for the exterior, we cleaned the glass with the Premium Glass Cleaner which left the glass crystal clear and free of any streaks or smears.

Vehicle Interior Cleaning

With the exterior finished we moved inside to get the interior detailed with the use of the Interior Spot Clean Shampoo for the dirty areas and the Interior Dash Detailer to leave a lovely natural finish of the plastics.

With the car clean, the editing begins. In total, we had around 30GB of footage and it really was some job to sift through the bits we wanted to use. Editing for a video of 30 minutes takes days to complete, and for me it is really exciting bringing the day to life for the my viewers.

I urge everyone to have a go at detailing, filming and editing as it isn’t as difficult as you think. Yes, it’s rather time consuming, but also very rewarding. If you have friends who also enjoy detailing then why not get together, have a good laugh whilst cleaning your cars?

Interior Dash Detailer - Hyundai i10 N Line

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