Reflecting on Customer Feedback

Reflecting on Customer Feedback

Listening is a skill. It's a skill that few detailing brands have in their arsenal. In this Fuel Stop article we reflect on how customer feedback shapes our business.

Listening can be a difficult skill to master. It's often a skill that very few companies truly appreciate or ever learn to any degree. Listening takes time and patience yet many businesses seldom invest in this crucial and worthwhile talent.

At Gloss Fuel, we believe that customer feedback and customer engagement are key to building a strong, successful detailing brand and car care products business. So when automotive and detailing enthusiast Chris MacDonald messaged the team to say he'd be passing by, we put the kettle on and broke out the biscuits.

Gloss Fuel Quick Detailer Spray on Garage Workbench

Feedback is vital for detailing brands

As Gloss Fuel co-founder Quentin explains: "Having the opportunity to sit down and chat to our customers is a huge help to us, as it should be to any business. You get their direct, honest feedback on your current products and service, as well as a better sense of the overall picture in the detailing products market. Chris kindly gave us over an hour of his time to talk detailing. Thanks to his feedback and insight, he is largely responsible for one of our upcoming product releases."

All customer feedback, both positive and negative is valuable, as if listened to, then dealt with appropriately, it can help to shape the future direction of products, strategies and the company itself. It's often the case that the information we get from our customers, inspires new ideas, validates work in progress, or informs us that we're on the wrong track and need to shift to a new path.

Many customers, plus several commentators within the industry, have jumped on-board with our strategy of minimising single use plastics thanks to our Gloss Fuel ReFuel Packs. Many of these people, including Chris, also encouraged us to go further if we could. Fuelled by their positive comments, we recently introduced 100% Carbon Neutral Shipping on ALL orders. But we won't stop there!

Gloss Fuel Conditioning Tyre Serum used on a VW Polo car tyre

Our agility gives us more options

Being a relatively small detailing products company, we're agile and can respond much quicker than larger companies. Bigger detailing brands are often more set in their ways and are unable to change at pace.

Co-developing our unique products with our chemist, means we can change formulations to make improvements. Unlike all white-label brands, we're not locked in to what we're given, we can change every aspect of our business at a rapid pace because we control everything, including our chemistry.

Within the first few weeks of launching Gloss Fuel, we made changes to product offerings and delivery options. All were as a result of direct feedback from customers and potential customers. These changes improved the experience for our customers and helped to improve our business. Listening and responding made a real difference.

Gloss Fuel Gloss Enhancing Shampoo being used to clean a VW Polo

The results speak for themselves

We have created a range of premium products which are accessible, effective, unique and safe to use. Chris has been putting them through their paces on his own vehicle and those of family and friends.

So what does Chris think about the Gloss Fuel range?

"With the ethos of Gloss Fuel, I feel it is important as car people and car detailers that we embrace them doing something for our planet. After trying the Gloss Fuel products I have to say, they work really, really well. They certainly compete with some of the upper tier brands. Great packaging makes it easy to find the right bottle on your detailing shelf, the fragrances are fantastic, which all adds up to a great experience when cleaning your car."

Chris has recently begun to document his detailing exploits via social media. We encourage everyone to follow CM7 Details on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube Channel for useful hints, tips and product reviews.

VW Polo detailed using the Gloss Fuel range of car care products

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