Our Carbon Neutral Commitment

Our Carbon Neutral Commitment

Not content with our commitment to minimise single use plastics, we now offer carbon-neutral shipping on all Gloss Fuel orders.

Eagle-eyed visitors to the Gloss Fuel website may have noticed a new banner appeared on the site at the end of December 2023. The banner reads:

"Carbon-neutral shipping on all orders - Powered by Shopify Planet".

We're pleased to announce that Gloss Fuel has joined the Shopify Planet scheme.  This means that any carbon generated when our orders are shipped is now fully offset. Additionally, the scheme supports organisations which sequester carbon captured from the atmosphere, for up to 1,000 years. Together, participating businesses have removed thousands of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere whilst providing carbon-neutral shipping on more than ten million orders.

Some of our existing delivery partners already offer carbon neutral deliveries, meaning some Gloss Fuel orders are now carbon offset twice over!

What is Carbon-Neutral Shipping?

When we despatch your orders, the transportation methods used by our delivery partners release greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. These carbon emissions negatively impact the planet and contribute to climate change. We can reduce or remove the carbon dioxide emissions from our packages in several different ways. Here's how Gloss Fuel do it:

  • by using 100% compostable packaging and void fill
  • by using carbon-neutral shipping options
  • by supporting initiatives that contribute to carbon offset and removal

Our outer packaging is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. We use no single use plastics or eco-plastics - just paper and card.

The carbon offset process reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, so that increased greenhouse gases elsewhere have a net impact of zero. As an example, a lorry might release 1kg of CO2 in one mile, while actions to preserve a forest removes 1kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. If you offset the carbon emitted for each mile that the lorry travels, then the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere remain the same.

However, Shopify Planet goes further. A portion of the money collected goes towards the carbon removal process. The removal process captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and then sequesters it. For example, if the van that delivers your order releases 1kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, then Shopify Planet ensures that 1kg of CO2 is also sucked from the atmosphere and stored away using solutions and technologies via the Shopify Sustainability Fund.

How is the carbon offset calculated?

For every order Gloss Fuel receive, a formula is used to calculate the estimated shipping emissions. Based on those estimates, a portion of our revenue goes to carbon removal companies that have been vetted by scientists from Carbon Direct. Those companies use that money to remove as much carbon as our shipments created. Any extra funds go toward the further development of carbon removal technologies. One of the schemes that we're directly supporting is Mast Reforestation.

Mast Reforestation

Mast Reforestation combines proven forestry practices with new technology to regrow healthy, resilient, climate-adapted forests lost to wildfires. Mast’s services include seed collection, seedling cultivation, reforestation services, and financing based on high-quality carbon removal credits.

The cost to you is zero!

What extra costs are we charging you - our customers - for this new green scheme?

Zero - we are absorbing these costs, as we see it as an investment in our future and a key point of principle for ourselves and our fledgling brand.

A rallying cry to the industry

Furthermore, the founders of Gloss Fuel are calling on all brands in the car care and car detailing industry to put the planet before profit, follow our lead and sign up to 100% carbon neutral shipping schemes and carbon sequester schemes, like Shopify Planet.

For those on the Shopify platform, enrolment is just a couple of clicks away...

So what's stopping you?

Carbon-neutral shipping with Shopify Planet
Carbon-neutral shipping on all orders
Powered by Shopify Planet