A Detailing Journey: Stage by Stage

A Detailing Journey: Stage by Stage

Chris MacDonald, host of the YouTube channel CM7 Details, takes us on his detailing journey: stage by stage.

Recently, in our Fuel Stop article 'Reflecting On Customer Feedback', we introduced you to automotive and detailing enthusiast, Chris MacDonald. Chris has recently begun to document his detailing exploits via social media. In this edition of Fuel Stop, we let Chris lead us through his car detailing process. 

Shakedown: First Detail using Gloss Fuel

Chris first trialled the Gloss Fuel range in 2023, using the complete range on a black VW Polo. He begins the detailing process by cleaning the wheels and tyres using the Citrus Wheel & Tyre Cleaner. No need to follow up with the Iron Fallout Remover on this example of the VW marque, as the wheels are cleaned regularly and well maintained.

Following the wheel cleaning stage, Chris moves on to the pre-wash, starting with the Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash. The product is diluted accordingly, then applied via a pump sprayer and allowed to dwell. When rinsing the pre-wash, to reveal its effectiveness, Chris recommends: "Rinse from the bottom up, but always facing down." And the result of the pre-wash? It's clear to see just how effective the product is!

Following the application of our powerful, high cling pH Neutral Snow Foam and a final rinse, Chris moves on to the contact wash. As you would expect, he trials the Gloss Enhancing Shampoo and achieves a full, deep clean with great results.

Despite Chris 'not being a massive fan of drying aids' he gives the Gloss Enhancing Drying Aid a try. And his verdict: "This did start to change my mind more on drying aids and it will be something I use going forward."

The VW Polo detail is completed with a final spritz and buff, using the Gloss Fuel Quick Detailer Spray and the application of Conditioning Tyre Serum.

Stage 1: Alloy Wheels

Following a successful test and 'shakedown' of the Gloss Fuel products, Chris begins to fully document his detailing journey, stage by stage. 

Stage 1 is the alloy wheel cleaning stage. The test car is a white Audi A3. The products that Chris selects:

Chris decides to tackle the filthy alloy wheels head-on and goes straight in with the Iron Fallout Remover. Once applied the chemical immediately reacts with the embedded iron particles and turns a deep shade of purple. This indicates that the Iron Fallout Remover is working and dissolving the fallout.

Next, Chris layers over the Iron Fallout Remover with the Citrus Wheel & Tyre Cleaner, allowing the Iron Fallout Remover to keep working, whilst the Citrus Wheel & Tyres Cleaner begins to attack the dirt and grime.

For the final layer, Chris applies Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash, via a pump sprayer, to the wheel, tyre and wheel arch, allowing it to dwell for a few minutes. Then, using a Karcher Pressure Washer, Chris rinses off the chemicals. As Chris notes in his commentary: "As we can see these wheels are coming up really, really well for it just being a spray on job... it really is a testament to how well these products work"

With a bucket of warm water, 25ml of Gloss Enhancing Shampoo and a variety of brushes and mitts, he carefully and methodically cleans the wheel face, alloy wheel spokes and inner wheel barrel. Chris flies through the finish with a final rinse and reaches the stop line.

At the end of stage 1, Chris' verdict: "I'm really starting to enjoy these products... so far I'm really, really impressed"

Stages 2 & 3: Pre-Wash/Contact Wash

Coming thick (like our Snow Foam) and fast (like our Quick Detailer Spray) are the second and third stages - the pre-wash and then the contact wash.

Chris starts stage 2 by demonstrating the power of the Citrus Fuelled Pre-Wash and the importance of this contactless cleaning stage. The powerful and economical pre-wash does its job and safely shifts 95% of the dirt, grime and traffic film.

The Watermelon scented pH Neutral Snow Foam is then applied and allowed to dwell, whilst Chris tackles the window rubbers, badges, grilles and other intricate areas with a soft sash brush. 

For stage 3, the contact wash, the 'two-bucket method' is employed using the Gloss Enhancing Shampoo. Working panel by panel, top to bottom, Chris carefully cleans each section of the Audi A3 before moving on to the drying stage. A quick spritz of the Gloss Enhancing Drying Aid followed by a rinse and 95% of the water has sheeted off the panel!

As Chris reaches the end of stage 3, he gives the german hatchback a light mist of Quick Detailer Spray, then using a soft, plush drying towel, he spreads the product and dries the paintwork simultaneously.

The Gloss Fuel team are grateful to Chris at CM7 Details for taking the time to demonstrate the power, ease and effectiveness of the Gloss Fuel range of products.

We can't wait to see what other top tips and techniques he shares next!

We encourage everyone to follow CM7 Details on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube Channel for useful hints, tips and product reviews.

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